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Lead Infrastructure Materials Engineer
SUNDE Inc., Harare- Zimbabwe
Since 01.2020
I am currently the Head of Laboratory and responsible for all projects’ materials. My duties and responsibilities involve sourcing of suitable construction materials as well as investigating borrow pits for their potential use as sustainable building materials. I do the planning and supervision of all Geotechnical Investigations conducted under the auspices of the company leading to my generation of the relevant Technical Reports. I execute all construction material designs and facilitate appropriate testing and experimenting to produce the required materials suited to project specifications. My capabilities also cover setting up civil laboratories , worksheets designs, supervision of sampling & testing of materials, project feasibility studies, Inspection & Test Plans (ITPs), Quality Control and Quality Assurance. The above attributes were demonstrated on Harare Bypass which was commissioned initially for feasibility studies and then subsequently for design and construction under Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) system. The feasibility studies have so far been achieved and the geotechnical work has been partially completed due to some limitations and challenges imposed by the initially unexpected covid-19 pandemic. The geotechnical work achieved in part dealt with the establishment of suitable foundation levels, bearing capacity and foundation types for the various infrastructures intended for design and construction on Harare Bypass.
Materials Engineer
Kariba Municipality, Kariba- Zimbabwe
05.2017 - 12.2019
Head of laboratory and responsible for all project materials and pavement related matters. The activities which were carried out are described below: I was responsible for design and design review including construction supervision and inspections. I also ensured availability of suitable construction materials through investigation of borrow-pits, materials sampling and testing. The laboratory and field test results were compiled and analyzed and compared with the requirements for projects specifications. Selection and treatment of suitable materials was instituted for different structural layers of pavements to meet specification requirements. The Investigation of quarries was conducted to source crushed stone for appropriate structural and surfacing layers including subsequent required testing. Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Routine supervision and testing were executed following international standards from British Standards Institution and/or ASTM. In addition to the above work, construction supervision of municipal roads infrastructure and cement concrete water reservoirs were achieved by checking contractors’ construction methods and practices against project specifications and requirements. I approved the contractors’ designs for asphalt and cement concrete mixtures leading to the materials placements following internationally established methods and practices.
Lead Expert- Infrastructure Materials
Advanced Construction Technology Services, 1. Jeddah-Saudi Arabia 2. Doha- Qatar
08.2013 - 04.2017
I was Head of the sub-contractor's team which acted as consultant to the main contractor responsible for building Saudi Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In addition to providing expert consultancy service to the main contractor my team provided technical guidance and supervision to the project independent laboratory. The subcontractor's team conducted structural concrete and steel inspections leading to the issuance of detailed Request for Inspection (RFI) for final inspection by the Project Management Consultant (PMC). I also achieved the design of normal and specialized concrete mixtures (SCC) used on the project including control of production, transportation and placement of concrete for 1000m high Saudi Kingdom Tower valued at $US1.5 billion. I prepared all concrete operations method statements including inspection and test plans (ITPs) for quality processes in accordance with project specifications. I provided the necessary expertise required for data statistical analysis and interpretation including all structural forensic investigations and repairs methodologies. I managed the contract by monitoring compliance of test data and construction tolerances against project specifications. Similar duties and responsibilities were carried out in Doha, Qatar on the following projects: - Qatar Steel Dormitory, Hamad New Port & Customs Building, New Orbital Highway, Al Baker Towers Hotel, Mall of Qatar and Qatar Water Mega Reservoirs
Assistant Supervisor
Arcus Facilities Management Solutions, Ladysmith- South Africa
09.2007 - 07.2013
I was reporting to the Senior Supervisor and responsible for the Quality Control & Quality Assurance consultancy on the Project. The project namely Ingula Pumped Storage Electricity Scheme valued at US$3.5 Billion was located in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal , South Africa. The supervisory consultancy included site investigations, lab and field testing of soils, asphalt and normal and specialized concrete for RCC Dam, Concrete Faced Rockfill Dam, Tunnels, Shafts, Penstocks, Drainage galleries and 55km asphalted road network. I produced quality control plans (QCPs) and lab Standard Operating Procedures including technical reports for the above mentioned aspects of the project in line with project specifications. My responsibility further included site inspections leading to production of inspection reports. I also trained and mentored laboratory staff on the various laboratory and field activities. As the supervising consultant's project representative I ensured that the contractor followed and complied with project quality specifications.
Site Laboratory Manager
Matrolab, Potgietersrus- South Africa
05.2002 - 08.2007
I was Head of laboratory and responsible for all materials testing and control including refresher training of lab personnel. I produced quality control plans and manuals for all field surveys and lab testing. My responsibility also covered the production of weekly technical results reports and monthly as-built reports. The quality control plans produced included equipment calibrations against reference standards to enable the obtention of accurate results and traceability to National Standards. Quality Assurance was achieved through drawing and implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for consistency and reliability of quality work. The project was a road infrastructure 200km long. Internal Laboratory Audits were conducted every 6 months as a regular confidence check for functionality and effectiveness of laboratory systems and equipments. The laboratory management system was augmented by quarterly interlaboratory studies participation to check repeatability and reproducibility of testing on similar materials. The interlaboratory study exercise was a good measure of the individual lab's capabilities against counterpart labs in different locations but using similar equipments and methods of tests.
Materials Technician
Ministry of Transport, Harare- Zimbabwe
05.1995 - 04.2002
I was responsible for 150km long Kuwirirana - Nemangwe project gravel materials sourcing and stockpiling, testing and treatment. The responsibility also included designing laboratory management information system (LMIS) for the entire laboratory functions and training of laboratory staff to enable delivery of consistent quality work. LMIS included equipment calibrations against reference standards leading to traceability to National Standards. Equipment maintenance procedures were also put in place to help with achievement of accurate results. I also designed concrete materials for project concrete structures such as bridges and culverts. Under my supervision, subsurface investigations were done to determine the suitability of founding materials and founding levels for bridge sites leading to my generation of the appropriate geotechnical reports to facilitate the required foundation designs.
Geotechnical Engineering Cadet
Ministry of Transport, Harare- Zimbabwe
05.1990 - 04.1995
During the above period I was trainee on geotechnical work covering field surveys, laboratory methods of testing, equipment handling and maintenance. The geotechnical work training covered holistically horizontal and vertical structures (roads, bridges and buildings)
Geotechnical Investigations, Laboratory Management Information Systems, Planning and Supervision, Technical Reports Writing, Site Inspection & Testing, Roads / Highway Pavement Design and Testing, Aggregates Testing, Material Designs and Experiments and Structural Forensic Investigations & NDT, Test Data Analysis & Interpretation, Quality Control Plans, Writing Method Statements, Batch plants management, Quarries management, Quality Assurance and Corrective Action Procedures .
Education . Master
Master of Science Engineering (Civil)
University of Leeds, UK
01.2016 - 11.2018
Thesis submitted to University of Leeds for the fulfilment of MSc. Degree in Advanced Concrete Technology
Diploma in Advanced Concrete Technology
Institute of Concrete Technology, UK
01.2012 - 10.2013
The training comprised of Theory classes and a project. The course duration was 18 months after which an assessment exam was written. The passing of the exam and acceptance of the project by the Institute led to award of internationally recognized professional corporate membership as Concrete Expert.
Certificate of Competency in Geotechnology
Ministry of Transport Training Center, Zimbabwe
08.1992 - 04.1995
The training spanned over 3 years of alternating Theory and Field Practice covering Geotechnical Technology in the following areas: Physical Properties of Soils and Rocks, Concrete Technology, Bitumen Technology, Site Exploration and Construction Techniques and Elements of Pavement Design and Control Techniques After the three years of theory and practical training an assessment examination was written. Passing of the exam led to my being interviewed by a Government appointed Board to satisfy them that the acquired practical experience was sufficient to warrant certification as a competent Geotechnical Technician. The certification for competency in Geotechnology was awarded in April 1995.
Civil Engineering Technician Certificate
Ministry of Transport Training Center, Zimbabwe
05.1990 - 07.1992
The training covered introductory principles to various aspects of Geotechnology. The principles involved basic laboratory and field analytical methods, testing and reporting including handling of construction materials namely Soils, Bitumen, Asphalt Concrete, Cement Concrete and Aggregates.
Key Skills
project management
quality assurance
quality control
quality processes
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Bulawayo - Harare - Manicaland - Mashonaland Central - Mashonaland East - Mashonaland West - Masvingo - Matabeleland North - Matabeleland South - Midlands - International
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